Vin Diesel Blessed His Faithful Facebook Fans With A Picture Of Himself Showering

As we’ve documented so many, many times in the past, Vin Diesel’s Facebook followers are perhaps the most loyal celebrity fans in the world, with more than 83 million of them hanging on his every philosophical word. It’s absolutely amazing to see the kind of response he gets for movie set photos and stills alone, so to see him pump some adrenaline into the loins of an otherwise typical Monday with this image of him showering meant that we were in for the greatest response yet. As you can see above and in the rest of the 33,294 comments (and counting, as the rest of the lusty Dieselettes wake up around the globe) the response was very positive.

Alas, not everyone was pleased with this display of partial nudity and fondness for rain heads. For example, these two followers didn’t like it at all.

These two men simply do not share Diesel’s philosophies on peace, love and showing off the bod to the babes, bro. They have much to learn.