Vin Diesel & Usher Riding Down a Volcano on White Tigers

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12.15.10 5 Comments

Yesterday, Vin Diesel premiered the new 5 Fast 5 Furious trailer on his Facebook page, an act which, among other things, shined a harsh light on Vin Diesel’s Facebook page (19 million likes!).  It’s a page that included this picture, a painting featuring Vin Diesel and Usher riding white tigers down a volcano.  Is that the title, “Vin Diesel and Usher Riding White Tigers Down a Volcano”?  Because if so, SOLD.  Seriously, name your price. I would chug a pint of Magic Johnson’s blood if it was labeled “Vin Diesel and Usher Riding White Tigers Down a Volcano.” |Many kudos to TedQuarters for this important discovery|


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