Vince Vaughn has outflanked us again!

Word from Variety is that Vince Vaughn will following his starring turns in The Internship, Delivery Man, and Business Trip by co-starring with Will Ferrell in Daddy’s Home. Dammit, you know what this means?! It means we were wrong about Vince Vaughn’s next film again! We pride ourselves on being able to come up with Vince Vaughn vehicles at the drop of a hat. Previously, our suggestions included:

Campus Cops

Seat Fillers

Brewery Tour

Campsite Crashers (aka Ranger Dad)

Firehouse Dad

Cold Callers

The Podcast

Casual Friday

Resident Dadvisor


The Expense Account

Rave Dudes


Adult Kickball


Party Bus Drivers

Online Daters

The Car Pool


Booze Cruise

Hostel Crashers

Alumni Weekend

Bed and Breakfast Bros

Groupon Getaway

Daytona Dads

What, not good enough for you, Hollywood? This is bullshit.

Will Ferrell has been attached to star for some time with Etan Cohen directing. Ferrell and Adam McKay are producing for Gary Sanchez productions.

The story follows a mild mannered radio exec, played by Ferrell, whose life gets chaotic when his wife’s ex-husband, played by Vaughn, re-enters the picture and he must compete to vie for his step-children’s affections.

Cohen, Brian Burns, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy are writing the script.

The film has been set up at Paramount for some time while the script was being done. The idea is for Vaughn to do this film before jumping into New Regency’s comedy “Business Trip” which he signed on to last month. [Variety]

Ah, the old two-guys-trying-to-one-up-each-other plot. Basically, The Campaign, but with Vince Vaughn instead of Zach Galifianakis, and children instead of voters. I’ll say this, the world would be a better place if people in the real world cared that much about the affections of the their stepchildren. I wrote a more realistic version of this story and it was just called “Shut Up, Stupid.”