Vivica A. Fox And Eric Roberts Starred In PSAs For ‘Cool Cat Finds A Gun’

I want to preface this post by saying that I think that anyone with any ounce of celebrity status who uses his or her fame for good causes should be commended. Celebrities are very fortunate to be in the positions they’re in and, more often than not, they forget that and end up looking like total a-holes. So when I saw our friends at Hypervocal Tweet about “Hollywood Actress” Vivica A. Fox starring in a public service announcement for something entitled Cool Cat Finds a Gun, I figured it was worth a look.

As it turns out, Cool Cat is the main character in a series of comic books that help teach kids important morals and values, like sportsmanship, not bullying and buying into alternative fuel. But the comic book has since become a live action movie franchise of sorts, as Cool Cat DVDs are now available, and they’ve called upon the star power of actors like Fox, Eric Roberts and Erik Estrada to drive home the valuable lessons to your kids.

First, here’s Vivica’s simple-yet-essential PSA…

And now here’s bad guy and cool guy extraordinaire Eric Roberts…

Last but not least, here is the trailer for Cool Cat Finds a Gun, which features the evil Butch the Bully stealing the gun that Cool Cat and the kids randomly discover in a backyard so he can use it to steal kids’ lunch money.

Here’s a bonus trailer for Cool Cat Stops Bullying, and if there’s an award that these videos are eligible for, Butch the Bully deserves ALL OF THEM.

Again, in all seriousness, kudos to the people putting these together, no matter how much they made me laugh. I look forward to seeing Paul Walker star in Cool Cat Loves Tokyo Drifting.