Waffles for Infinity!

From the great and powerful Avery Monsen.

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Watch Nicolas Cage in a reboot of a Kirk Cameron movie in ‘Left Behind’ |FilmDrunk|

North Carolina hospital charged a guy $81,000 for $750 worth of snake bite medicine |UPROXX|

Russian pedestrian nearly disappears under snow |UPROXX Video|

It’s Tom Selleck’s 69th birthday, so here’s a definitive ranking of his mustaches |Warming Glow|

Stop what you’re doing and watch this 7-year-old be better at MMA than you ever will be |With Leather|

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata cuts his salary in half because no one is buying the Wii U |Gamma Squad|

FJM Style: The saddest Super Bowl column ever |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Diddy reportedly closing Bad Boy Records for good |Smoking Section|

Petition to deport Justin Bieber crosses 100,000 signatures, Obama must respond |death&taxes|

Orlando lawyer nails it on the first try |Videogum|

This 92-year-old trans WWII veteran is fighting to be treated like any other widow |BuzzFeed|

How many times have the Oscars gotten Best Picture wrong in the last 20 years? |Pajiba|

Katy Perry fingerbanged Anna Kendrick’s cleavage |The Superficial|

Kim and Kanye’s wedding will be an E! special because it’s cheaper that way |IDLYITW|

Farrah Abraham emailed us this afternoon about EDM, clubbing in NYC, bodypaint and the Super Bowl |BroBible|

This paralyzed dog who’s walking again wiith prosthetic legs will hit you right in the feels |Guyism|

Drunken grand theft auto assailant gets struck by karma |The Chive|

List of Presidents of Cyprus |Ranker| For bots, by bots