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11.19.08 54 Comments

MTV recently spoke with Harrison Ford about the (nauseating) prospect of Indiana Jones 5, and the scariest part is, he says that it’s more or less all up to George Lucas.

MTV: Is a fifth Indiana Jones film inevitable?
Ford: I don’t know. If we come up with a good idea…
MTV: Is the ball in George’s court at this point?
Ford: It is. That’s the process. With some general input he goes off and searches for the MacGuffin and then stumbles into a story. And at some point we have a chance to take a look at and give some input.
MTV: And he hasn’t found the MacGuffin yet?
Ford: No, we’re still in the primary stages.
MTV: The end of the last film leaves your character in a very intriguing position. He has a wife and a kid. Can he still be that man of adventure with those commitments?
Ford: And he’s seen something. Remember those are the only witness to what he’s seen. That’s kind of interesting.

The last 15 minutes of Indiana Jones was the most hilariously awful sequence of a film that was pretty hilarious and awful all the way through – the aliens fly off into space (or rather, off into “the space between spaces”, as John Hurt points out) in their ship.  I guess my point is: you’ve got space, and space is where Gay Jabba the Hutt lives.  Hello, MacGuffin!

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