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04.29.09 18 Comments

Gordon GECKO?  Anyone?  Shut up.

Michael Douglas is coming back to Wall Street to reprise the role of Gordon Gekko, the character who inspired a generation of douchebags.  Oliver Stone will direct the Fox (uh oh) production, with Shia LaBeouf still in negotiations.

Just as “Wall Street” epitomized the high-flying 1980s with Gekko’s motto “greed is good,” the sequel [still called Wall Street 2, which I doubt will stick] is expected to mirror the latest news from the credit crisis and the recession. Production on the sequel is expected to begin this summer, and the screenplay comes from Allan Loeb, who helped pen the 2008 gambling movie “21” starring Kevin Spacey. [Yahoo, Variety]

Ooh, ripped from the headlines – it’ll be like Law and Order on the big screen.  And with Oliver Stone at the helm, what could go wrong?  He has a reputation for even-handedness, you see.

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