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08.27.07 16 Comments

Man, for a day that started off shitty, it's sure seen a lot of nerd boners from yours truly.  Some of the moms in the neighborhood have been telling me that I need to either put on some pants or close my blinds.  Anyway, there's a movie coming out that's called War Monkeys.  Need I say more? From IESB:

From Dark Horse Entertainment (The Mask, Hellboy, 30 Days of Night), War Monkeys is an original horror-comedy from the twisted mind of Chris Patton.

Patton most recently produced and created Monarch of the Moon and Destination Mars, which Leonard Maltin refers to as the “the best spoof ever done on the 1950's sci-fi genre.”

If I were trying to make myself sound cool, I probably wouldn't go around quoting praise from a douche like Leonard Maltin, but then again, I didn't write a movie called War Monkeys.  Fact is, I'm not perfect. I'm just a real guy with real opinions and freakishly chiseled abs.

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