Warner still planning on a Green Lantern sequel for some reason

Much like Fox made a second Fantastic Four movie with the same cast and director, Warner is doubling down on fog jizz, this despite the first one’s 66% second-weekend drop and the fact that it probably won’t make any money once you factor in marketing costs.  But hey, you can’t put a price on artistic integrity fartnoise donkey sound.

Sources say Warners still believes in the franchise, even if the studio is “somewhat disappointed” with Green Lantern’s result.
Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman said the movie is settling in, pointing out that fanboy pics often see a significant drop-off in their second weekends.
Still, Green Lantern fell off more than recent superhero pics Thor and X-Men: First Class. Thor dropped 47% in its second weekend, while First Class dropped 56%.
Similar films that have seen the same sort of dip that Green Lantern did include Hulk, which dropped nearly 70% in its second outing.
Green Lantern cost $200 million to produce before a sizeable marketing spend (rival studios say it was one of the most expensive on record). Warners, preparing for the end of Harry Potter, needs new franchises, so was willing to invest big in Green Lantern. [THR]

This franchise has bigger problems than even Fantastic Four.  It was basically about “the power of will” vs. “the power of fear”, as represented by green and yellow space cum, respectively. Two abstract ideas as represented by two abstract entities.  I’m not trying to get all grad school fiction workshop on you, so let’s put it in simpler terms: if a kid puts on a Green Lantern mask and shouts “I’m Green Lantern!” how does he even illustrate that? If he says “I’m Superman!” he can put on a cape and underwear on the outside of his pants and jump off the couch, or “I’m Thor!” he could hit stuff with a hammer, or “I’m Spider-Man!” he could put on a U2 album and hurt himself.  With Green Lantern, what’s he supposed to do? Do sit-ups and make a pass at his mom? Deciding what his actual powers might be seems like a good first step in pre-production.  Trying to figure out what makes Green Lantern an interesting superhero is like trying to figure out what makes Franklin & Bash successful lawyers.