Was that the head of Fox all coked up at the Golden Globes?

As pointless and usually boring as the Golden Globes are, past years have given us a treasure trove of delightful gifs, such as bug-eyed Christian Bale, Brendan Fraser laughing like a spaz, (and the subsequent William Tell version), to say nothing of Quentin Tarantino fist pumpin’ like a champ while the imaginary wizard who shows up when he does too much cocaine cheers him on (actually that one was at the Oscars, and the coke wizard was his director of photography, Robert Richardson, but who’s keeping track). This year’s telecast was largely un-gif-worthy, except for a brief shot of a guy sitting behind Michelle Pfeiffer who was gnawing at his own cheek like it was the key to his freedom. I demanded it be giffed, but unfortunately, no one had video of the event… UNTIL NOW!

Twitter friends Jordan Rubin posted the video (below), and someone else pointed out that the tongue-chewer is actually Tom Rothman, the co-CEO of Fox. To be honest, he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would be coked off his face at an awards show (or anywhere, really), but it would go a long way towards explaining Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son. (I know what you’re thinking, and sorry, Tower Heist was Universal).

Here’s another picture of Rothman, for comparison:

I think that’s him, unless it was just some other guy with that same haircut and glasses. Speaking of which, it turns out, if you want to be respected, just get a pair of glasses like that. My honest initial reaction was, “Ah, he couldn’t be doing coke, look how smart he is! He’s probably just concentrating real hard.”