Watch Director Noel Marshall Almost Get His Head Chomped By A Lion In This New Gif From ‘Roar’

It’s a shame “Roar” always makes me think of the delightful Katy Perry song, because Roar is actually an upcoming re-release from Drafthouse Films. As I told you last month, Roar was released in 1981, the lone directorial effort of Exorcist producer Noel Marshall, who dumped a fortune into shooting a thriller starring his own family and a cast of more or less wild lions, tigers, and jaguars. There were “over 70 bloody attacks documented” and cinematographer Jan De Bont was nearly scalped by a lioness, requiring 220 stitches.

Roar is getting a limited theatrical release this spring, followed by a release to VOD platforms this Summer, and to lube you up for that, Drafthouse has released the above poster along with this gif of a lion nearly eating Noel Marshall’s head.

I’m no lion expert, but a lion getting that close to doing that back-of-the-neck bite thing where it severs my spine would be reason enough for me to not ever go near it again.