Watch Christian Bale Audition For Batman In Val Kilmer’s Old Costume With Amy Adams

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09.23.13 6 Comments

Christian Bale audition

Over the weekend, this video clip of Christian Bale’s audition for Batman Begins found its way to the YouTubes and it’s pretty revealing in a few interesting ways. For starters, Nolan and his team called in a favor from Amy Adams to stand in as Rachel Dawes while Bale wore the actual Batman suit from the dreadful Batman Forever. It really makes you wonder what the Dark Knight trilogy could have looked like with Adams playing Batman’s reluctant girlfriend instead of the Katie Holmes/Maggie Turtlehaal tradeoff.

But for added character depth and a little “No duh” insight, director Christopher Nolan described how Bale thought that his Batman should have a different voice than Bruce Wayne so that people wouldn’t catch on and be like, “Hey, you’re Bruce Wayne.” If that’s the case, I just wish they would have gone the whole nine yards and had Gilbert Gottfried provide the Batman voice.

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