Watch Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Fall In Love All Over Again In ‘Serena’

You’d be hard pressed to find two celebrities I’d more like to watch fornicate than Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence (Tom Hardy and Alexandra D’addario, maybe?), which is why it was perhaps inevitable that they’d be teamed up for another romance. Serena was directed by Lars Von Trier nemesis Susanne Bier and, like Silver Linings Playbook before it, it cruelly dangles a Cooper/J-Law relationship in front of us without consummating it by showing the dongs going in. If you ask me, it’s sad.

Based on the novel by Ron Rash, the film is a Depression-era tale about George and Serena, a couple who forge a mighty timber empire together. Problems arise when Serena can’t get pregnant, and George strays outside their marriage. From there, inevitable tragedy looms. [ThePlaylist]

The film already opened in the UK, opens in the U.S. on VOD on February 26th, and hits theaters March 27, 2015, and if you think a Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence movie getting that hush-hush of a release is a reflection of its quality… well, you’re probably right. At least, judging by its 35% recommended rating. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in old-timey costumes doing Roosevelt accents and it’s at 35 percent? How could this be?! I get the feeling some of these Philistines don’t even appreciate a sumptuous vista.

It could be that they’re complicating matters with too much story. If the success of these faith-based films has taught us anything, it’s that a concept can never be too on-the-nose. At least, that was the thought behind the script I have going out to Cooper and Lawrence’s people, Brad Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Wear Costumes And F*ck.