Watch The Trailer For ‘Two Night Stand’ And Celebrate That Hook-Up Culture You’ve Been Hearing About

“Last year I was engaged, and now I am at home all day in my underwear and I’m nobody’s nothing,” cried Analeigh Tipton after being kicked to the curb by her two best friends. She is now homeless, helpless, and jobless (I assume jobless because, unless you’re a blogger, most jobs don’t allow you to stay at home all day in your underwear). What is a girl to do? Not to fear, Analeigh’s best friend Jessica Szohr has concocted the perfect plan to get her back on her feet… a one night stand! Analeigh then finds Miles Teller, has sex with him, and tries to flee in the morning only to find that a freak snowstorm has rendered them trapped together for an uncertain amount of time (probably two nights, if I had to take a wild guess). And so begins the premise of a film about Hollywood’s obsession with “hook-up culture.”

If the dating website OKCupid decided to make a television show, Two Night Stand would be their classic “trapped in an elevator” episode. Except instead of an elevator, it’s a very spacious NY apartment with a TV, ping-pong room, and not a single god-dammed roommate. And instead of a television show, this is an actual movie. A whole movie. Probably 90 minutes long. With probably not a single, solitary titty. Should be a good time.