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11.28.08 21 Comments

What Doesn’t Kill You bills itself as the true story of director Brian Goodman, who co-wrote the film with Paul Murray and Donnie Wahlberg.

Hawke and Ruffalo play childhood friends Paulie and Brian, who are forced to survive on the tough streets of South Boston through a life of petty thievery. They join a local gang of criminals, but Brian finds it hard to reconcile his work and friendship with Paulie and his relationship with his wife (Amanda Peet) and son.

I’m excited for another Boston gangster picture, but I’m disappointed about the accents.  They seem much less realistic than in The Depaaahted or Mystic Rivah.  Also, if this is the guy’s life story, where’s the part about how he moved to Hollywood to become an actor?  Hey yous queahs, what I really want is to fackin direct ovah heah. Hey, ahn’t you da guy from New Kids on da Blawk? I think the full title should be What Doesn’t Kill You Gives You Mad Street Cred, or What Doesn’t Kill You Ingratiates You to the Wahlbergs.

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