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The latest news on the Watchmen suit is that Judge Feess will meet with the principles tomorrow to decide whether the hearing will take place on the 20th, as originally scheduled, or Monday as WB has requested.  The hearing will determine whether to grant Fox’s request for an injunction to block release of the film.

Warners cites a precedent-setting decision involving eBay that says a plaintiff in a copyright-infringement case must, among other things, prove that it will be irreparably harmed without an injunction and that money damages will not be an adequate remedy. Fox claims that the eBay case does not apply in this instance and that Warners’ infringement of its rights entitles it to stop the release.

If the injunction is granted, Warners would be barred from releasing the film, though it likely would appeal immediately [Appeals = more trials and hearings, movie probably not coming out for some time]. Feess has encouraged the parties to settle the dispute. [THR]

Meanwhile, WB put out this new featurette about The Minutemen.  They’re just like the border-vigilante Minutemen, except they wear costumes and don’t hate Mexicans.  Coincidentally, Minute Man is also my girlfriend’s nickname for me.  I think it’s cuz I’m her superhero!

[More pictures at TotalFilm]

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