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11.24.08 17 Comments

After someone sent me this brilliant video for Waterworld: The Musical, starring Patrick Warburton (aka The Tick, aka Putty from Seinfeld), I just had to know more about it.  What I discovered, unfortunately, is that it’s viral marketing for Made for Each Other, a comedy starring the unholy trinity of the Scientologist Masterson brothers and Bijou Phillips (who I like better when she’s not talking or wearing clothes).  The trailer’s after the jump.  I think they tried to make up for all the annoying children of celebrities and former child actors in it by saying “pussy” a lot.  Though with the Masterson brothers hanging around, it could be a Freudian thing.

You’re better than this, Warburton.
(NWS, for language)

Hat tip to Topless Robot.

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