WB’s Tarzan movie back on, with Christoph Waltz in talks for villain, possibly Emma Stone as Jane

If you want to watch a guy in a loin cloth climb trees and grunt inarticulately at women, you could just follow me around for a day, but soon you’ll have the opportunity to watch Alexander Skarsgard do it in a movie. Probably because he’s “handsome.” Whatever.

WB’s Tarzan movie, from Harry Potter director David Yates, that was originally supposed to star Skarsgard opposite Samuel L. Jackson, was postponed earlier this Spring, but now it’s back on, still with Yates and Skarsgard, now with Christoph Waltz in talks to play the villain and Emma Stone as one of the names being thrown around for Jane. I’m told the plot is that Tarzan really loves her peaches and wants to shake her tree.

Christoph Waltz is in talks to join the cast of Warner Bros.’ “Tarzan” reboot starring Alexander Skarsgard.

David Yates is on board to direct the pic.

It is unclear how the new version will be interpreted, but sources say Waltz would be a military figure that crosses paths with the King of the Jungle.

A bigscreen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of novels, “Tarzan” is being produced by Jerry Weintraub, Alan Riche, Mike Richardson and Yates. Numerous scribes worked on the script including John August, Cormac and Marianne Wibberley and most recently, Adam Cozad.

Sources say “Focus” star Margot Robbie and Emma Stone are among the actresses being considered but there are currently no contract talks on that front.[Variety]

Phew, four writers seems like a lot of people for a movie about a shirtless guy who climbs stuff. But as long as it’s a wildly homoerotic imperialist fantasy about the noble savage, I’m sure I’ll be happy. (*strips down to underwear, sleeps in dirt*)

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