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A bye week, that’s what this week felt like.  But the weekend after Thanksgiving is always slow, and even though The Blind Side landed on top with a mediocre $20 million in its third week, business overall was up 21% over last year.  So put that on yr Power Point, Mrs. Potato Dick.

Brothers and Armored were the two new releases, and they earned a not-particularly-noteworthy $9.7 and $6.6 million, respectively.  Fantastic Mr. Fox fell all the way out of the top 10 despite being really good, and I wonder if this is partially my fault for being too lazy to finish a review.  I’m so sorry, you guys. *cutting*

Finally, the other new release this weekend, Transylmania, set a record for the lowest gross ever for a film opening on more than 1,000 screens, earning just $272,000 at 1,002 theaters.

I heard the directors on the Adam Carolla podcast last week talking about raising the money for it and how they managed to get an independent film such a wide release.  They talked a lot about testing and market research and demographics, and how they’d “really done their homework,” but not a lot about the actual movie.  Supposedly more of an old-fashioned general spoof than the recent crop of terrible direct parodies, it probably suffered from comparisons to Seltzer-Friedberg.  But when you’ve got the directors of direct-to-DVD National Lampoon movies directing Bobby Lee in a movie that looks a lot like a direct-to-DVD National Lampoon movie, I’m not sure that’s an unfair comparison.  Even the title, Transylmania.  It sounds like something that would have cover art done by the guy who spray paints Vanilla Ice’s jeans.

Film Weekend! Per Screen! Total
1 The Blind Side $20,440,000 (-49.0%) $6,146 $129,264,000
2 New Moon $15,704,000 (-63.4%) $3,808 $255,639,000
3 Brothers $9,700,000 $4,646 $9,700,000
4 A Christmas Carol $7,520,000 (-52.3%) $2,954 $115,006,000
5 Old Dogs $6,901,000 (-59.2%) $2,015 $33,934,000
6 Armored $6,600,000 $3,446 $6,600,000
7 2012 $6,600,000 (-62.6%) $2,050 $148,787,000
8 Ninja Assassin $5,030,000 (-62.2%) $2,010 $29,790,000
9 Planet 51 $4,300,000 (-57.9%) $1,481 $33,966,000
10 Everybody’s Fine $4,027,000 $1,888 $4,027,000

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