Weekend Box Office: Jack the Giant Slayer earns $28m on $200m budget

If you were barely aware of which movies were even opening this weekend, you weren’t the only one. The top 12 were down 38 percent from last year, “led” by Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer, which earned $28 million, which wouldn’t be so bad if the budget hadn’t been $200 million. Under the circumstances, it’s quasi-Eddie Murphy-esque. The John Carter comparisons abound, but it didn’t seem like Jack the Giant Slayer was marketed half as hard.

21 and Over, meanwhile, didn’t even break the $10 million mark, causing many to wonder if the Asian-guy-has-to-get-to-his-med-school interview plot device isn’t as classic as once believed. God, I hope nothing happens to “I’m late for a big meeting with the Japanese.”  The consequences for hack comedy writers could be devastating. Anyway, 21 and Over didn’t cost much, but it was still a disappointment, considering its opening was less than half of Project X. But hey, that’s what you get for not emphasizing the nudity in your marketing. Project X‘s trailers had tits and fire. 21 and Over just had an Asian guy yelling that he was Spider-Man.

1. Jack The Giant Slayer (Warner Bros.) – $28 million, budget: $195m
2. Identity Thief (Universal) – $9.7 million ($107 mil.), budget: $35m
3. 21 and Over (Relativity) – $9 million, budget: $13m
4. The Last Exorcism II (CBS Films) – $8 million
5. Snitch (Lionsgate/Summit) – $7.7 million ($24.4 mil.)
6. Safe Haven (Relativity) – $6.3 million ($57 mil.)
7. Escape From Planet Earth (The Weinstein Company) – $6.2 million ($43.2 mil.)
8. Silver Linings Playbook  (The Weinstein Company) – $5.9 million ($115.5 mil.)
9. A Good Day To Die Hard (Fox) – $4.5 million ($59.6 mil.)
10. Dark Skies (The Weinstein Company/Dimension) – $3.5 million ($13.4 mil.) [Indiewire, BoxOfficeMojo]

Do you realize that Identity Thief is the number one movie of 2013? I know the year is young, but seriously, Identity Thief.