Weekend Box Office: James Bond Is Already Killing Everyone Overseas

Proving that the rest of the world hates America, Skyfall opened in 25 foreign markets over the weekend, which means that while you were being dragged to Fun Size with your girlfriend and her kid brother, random bros over in Norway got to watch James Bond kick Javier Bardem’s ass. Seriously, what has Norway done to deserve getting movies before us? Absolutely nothing. Alas, Europe and the rest of the world showed Daniel Craig some love, as Skyfall raked in $77.7 million this weekend, still two weeks away from its American debut.

As for the four movies that actually opened in America this weekend… yikes.

Ben Affleck’s Argo remained at the top of the Box Office with a $12.3 million weekend, while Happy Madison’s Hotel Transylvania gained some steam thanks to Halloween, finishing second with a $9.5 million haul. And that was good enough to edge out the Wachowski Siblings’ epic blockbuster Cloud Atlas, which only grossed $9.4 million, but also only opened on 2,008 screens. That’s an important little tidbit, because before anyone calls Cloud Atlas a dud, they should realize that it averaged $4,681 per screen, which is more than any other film this weekend. But still – dud.

The other noobs were led Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’s respectable opening, earning $8 million on a $20 budget, while Fun Size made less than a third of its $14 million budget back with its paint-by-numbers plot. And way down the list at No. 13 is Gerard Butler’s surfing homage, Chasing Mavericks.

Somehow, people are still paying money to see Here Comes the Boom, which has grossed $30.6 million to date. While that seems like a promising, low total, it’s still alarming that so many people want to see Kevin James suck face with Salma Hayek. And rounding out this box office examination, we can go ahead and call Sinister a big winner, as the horror pic has made almost $40 million on a budget of $3 million, while Tyler Perry is the big, big loser with Alex Cross’ 5-week gross of just $19 million on a $35 million budget. Let’s celebrate Perry’s failure with a sexy little GIF…