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The Incredible Hulk not surprisingly was tops at the box office this weekend, earning an estimated $54 million dollars.  It was still not quite enough to match Ang Lee’s $62 million dollar opening weekend gross for the last Hulk.  But hey, no reason we can’t make another one, right?  Right?  Guys?

The Happening couldn’t quite make it to the number two spot, but did do well enough to become Manny Shyamalan’s third largest opening ever, even as the glowing reviews continued to pour in:

Another case of elegant filmmaking kneecapped by a thunderingly stupid concept. –Windy City Times
If Shyamalan wanted to commit career suicide he couldn’t have chosen a more likely vehicle than this laugh inducing ‘thriller.’  -Flipside Movie Emporium
Woeful clunker of a paranoid thriller. –Wall Street Journal  

(full top ten after the jump)  

2. Kung Fu Panda, $34 million
3. The Happening, $30.5 million
4. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, $16.4 million
5. Indiana Jones, $13.5 million
6. Sex and the City, $10.1 million
7. Iron Man, $5 million
8. The Strangers, $4 million
9. Chronicles of Narnia, $3 million
10. What Happens in Vegas, $1.7 million

In related news, Frank Stallone threw a house party and six people came, his biggest weekend since 1997.   

[via Box Office Mojo

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