Weekend Movie Guide: Bridesmaids, Priest, Heshers

05.13.11 8 years ago 11 Comments

I apologize if you live not in New York or LA, because there’s some good stuff out in limited release this week.  As for major releases, we’ve got Priest and Bridesmaids, and I think Bridesmaids wins that battle pretty easily just by not having Affliction rock in the trailer.  Movies covered: Bridesmaids, Priest, Hesher, Everything Must Go, True Legend.

BRIDESMAIDS: Kristen Wiig is a 30-something single lady dealing with all the retarded traditions of modern wedding culture, all while baking and trying not to menstruate.

RottenTomatoes: 90%

Gratuitous Review Quotes

That rarest of treats: an R-rated romantic comedy from the Venus point of view. [Ed. Note: *queef sound*] -Betsy Sharky, LA Times

On top of all that, am I really expected to swallow the phrase “These are smart, funny women”? Really? As though that’s a sentence worth writing down, let alone reproducing in poster form. Can you imagine a poster proclaiming “Movies with men in them don’t have to suck!” or a critic writing the phrase “These are smart, funny men!” No. Because that WOULDN’T MAKE ANY SENSE, BECAUSE PEOPLE TAKE MEN SERIOUSLY BY DEFAULT. Hold on—I have to go sharpen my fork.
Thanks to director Paul Feig—creator of Freaks and Geeks, the most perfect, noncorny blend of humor and heart ever captured on camera—Bridesmaids has all the humanity that Apatow projects usually lack. Both sides of the coin—hilarity and sincerity—brought me to tears. But I was probably just on my period. –The Incomparable Lindy West.

This might be a turning point in feminism and comedy, provided that both sexes can embrace it. -Mary Pols, Time

Armchair Analysis (here’s my full review): Jesus, can anyone (besides Lindy) review this f*cking movie without acting like it was directed by Rosa Parks?  You’d think post-Tina Fey we’d be past this by now.  Speaking of which, I thought Baby Mama was better. But there was a good movie in Bridesmaids, and even as it is, I think most people would enjoy it.


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