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LOOK OUT!  THERE’S A TRAIN FULL OF C4 AND SARIN GAS HEADED STRAIGHT FOR THE RETARDED ORPHANAGE!  A few people have emailed me today wondering how this could be tracking 90% among top critics on rottentomatoes. I have no idea. Frotcast guests Lindy West and Laremy Legel both say it’s laughably terrible, and I’m inclined to trust them.  That said, there are few things I enjoy so much as a laughably terrible movie, so I’ll be seeing this faster than a MISSILE THE SIZE OF THE CHRYSLER BUILDING.  Thanks, Professor Rosario Dawson, your awesome boobs are right again! (Side note: Commenter HohosWeKnow suggested it should be called “Train Day”, which I thought was pretty brilliant).

Aliens invade, Eric Balfour shouts.  Actual dialog from the trailer: “What happened?” “He just disappeared!” “My God!” “Reports are coming in!” “They’re everywhere!” “He’s right!” “RUN!” “AAAAAGHHH!”  “Don’t you get it? We’re at war!”  …So yeah, what else do you need to know?

Morning Glory
Rachel McAdams’ butt stars.  Harrison Ford tells Dianne Keaton to “suck it,” though I’m not sure what that has to do with Rachel McAdams’ butt.

Tiny Furniture (NY & LA)
I haven’t seen it, but writer/director/star Lena Dunham did once interview me a few years ago before she became a famous writer/director/star, so clearly she has impeccable taste.

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