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09.26.08 107 Comments

Hehe, “flaming”.

Opening this weekend

Eagle Eye – Well, we already know what everyone thinks about this one.  Still, I hope it doesn’t flop too badly, if only for the sake of monkey army morale.

Choke – Sam Rockwell? Chuck Palahniuk? Sex addiction? Historical interpreting?  Yes, please.  Polite suggestion: needs more tigers.

Miracle at St. Anna – You know how back in WWII, white motherf-ckers be all savin’ Italians like this?  But then a brother comes along and he’s all like…

Nights in Rodanthe – Mmm, old people love scenes, my favorite.  Her puffy vag, his old… balls, lovingly lit, accompanied by lilting string music.  Seriously, where do I sign up?

Fireproof – He proved the existence of God with a banana, just imagine what he can do to your marriage with a firehose.  Wait, that came out wrong…

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