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04.08.09 22 Comments

IESB today reports (based on what or whom it’s unclear) that The Weinstein Company has “lost the rights” (let them expire, I’m assuming) to Sin City 2ThePlaylist speculates on the possible causes:

Rodriguez recently admitted that “Sin City 2” wasn’t on his short term agenda; “I always say [the film’s] right around the corner, because that’s what everybody wants to hear and I like pleasing the audience. It might be a long corner.”
Actress Jamie King, who plays twins Goldie and Wendy in the original film, previously revealed a clash between the Weinsteins and Rodriguez: “[The Weinsteins] want to do weird things with the second one. Robert [Rodriguez] didn’t want to go down that route, so we’ve just been waiting ’till somebody knocked some sense into them, where we can do it the way we want to do it.”

Keep in mind, this is Robert Rodriguez, so the way he wanted it may have been “let my girlfriend Rose McGowan play every role.”  Whatever.  I enjoyed Sin City for about forty minutes and was bored after that.  Plus, it seemed to have a real vendetta against the crotch.  Every other scene was a guy getting punched in the junk or stabbed in the junk or someone’s junk getting run over by a car or a dog eating someone’s junk.  This summer… Sin City hates your crotch, I believe the commercial went.

UPDATE Wednesday pm: Looks like this story might be bogus, with Weinstein’s lawyers now contradicting it.  Luckily, putting a question mark at the end of the headline absolves me of all responsibility. And you can’t deny that their hats are indeed black.

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