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03.04.09 31 Comments

After the jump, check out the new trailer for Pandorum.

“From the producers of the Resident Evil franchise, comes a new movie starring Dennis Quaid, [the criminally underrated] Ben Foster and Cam Gigandet.  Christian Alvert is directing the terrifying story of a couple of astronauts that have no memory of their mission or even their identities, buit quickly find out they aren’t alone on their spaceship.” [horror-movies.ca]

What if you awoke… with no memory.  What if the world you knew… was gone.  What if you discovered… you were not alone….  ARRRRGGGGH, IT’S CAM GIGANDET!  I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE AGREED TO THIS MOVIE!  (I liked this better when it was called Event Horizon).  (I hope that when the bad guys come, they NEVER BACK DOWN.  Shut up, I was already leaving.)

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