Werner Herzog discusses his disdain for chickens

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08.25.10 20 Comments

One of the best things about Werner Herzog is that when he talks, he approaches each subject, no matter how trivial or mundane, with the same thoughtful, Teutonic intensity.  So when First Look Studios recently sponsored a promotion in which they would tape Werner’s answers to questions submitted via Twitter, you knew there would be some gems.  Here, the director of Grizzly Man discusses some of his favorite and least favorite animals.

Why do I deeslike chickens so much, and why do I like ozza birds so much, like flamingkos, andt ozza birds… Zee chicken, I’ve alvays hadt an aversion against chickens, because they have such an eentensified stupidity een their looks, it’s kind of scary.  The chicken as we know it, eez overbred, and hybrid, and they can turn cannibalistic.

Wow, that is EXACTLY how I feel about Colin Hanks, it’s almost scary.  But tell us, Werner, what animals do you like?

(video below) I vas asked a seemilar qveztion earlier… falcons come to mindt immediately… humminkbirds… they zeem to haff a second life, zey are so vonderfull ant agile… um… we do haff a cat at home, a tuxedo cat.  And I got friendly with that cat.  …But not that I would nezessarily need a pet.  …I think volffs haff something very fascinating about zem. Bison.  Zat is vhat comes to mindt.

“Oont I haff a seemilar afersion to za Cheeto, zeess over pro-zessed znack foodz.  Za very idea zat one would want zair snackz sold to zem by za cartoon Cheetah veess za sunglasses oont za attitude, oo  look like za parkink lot cocaine dealer… I feend it reedeekulous.  Buglez are nice… Za Triscuit… Oreo cookeez, I sink are very fascist… My vife buyss za Handi Snakz, which I haff become quite attached to — not zat I vould nezessarily need to spread za cheez een order to enjoy za cracker…”

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