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Wes “Little Lord Fauntleroy” Anderson took time out of his busy v-neck sweater-buying schedule this week to talk to David Poland about the “beef” between him and his DP, Tristan Oliver. Oliver had previously said of Anderson, who’s been taking heat for directing The Fantastic Mr. Fox via email from Paris, “I think he’s a little sociopathic, I think he’s a little OCD.  Contact with people disturbs him.”   Well la di da, Mr. I Have Human Friends.  Here’s what Anderson had to say:

The word that I think gives one pause is ’sociopath’. That is the unexpected one. Well, I have another DP I’ve worked with for many years. There are moments in production…where I think he would have unkind words to say about me as well. Because movies are hard to make, and sometimes you’re making people do things that are the last thing they want to do, and the last way they want to do it.  And with this movie, there are a lot of things that people who work in stop motion are used to doing digitally, and I wouldn’t do it.

Tristan said a bunch of stuff that is a bit outrageous for someone to say about their boss, while they are working for them.  I didn’t know the details of it, but i knew some of it.  And he was obviously a bit mortified because he spoke completely out of turn.  But our relationship got better after that. [Oliver’s quote was from April] By the time the piece [the LA Times article from Sunday] comes out, it’s a bit of a drag because it puts a wrinkle in a relationship that we’ve already smoothed out.

Leave it to captain bow tie to explain their disagreement with a fancy clothing metaphor.  Obviously I’m disappointed they’re not fighting more, but what can you expect from guys named “Wes” and “Tristan”?  I imagine they’d settle disagreements through barbershop quartet.  Otherwise Wes could get grass stains on his breeches, and that makes the headmistress ever so cross.

Semi-related: Jarvis Cocker was also at the London premiere.

“I’m glad you’re finally awake.  I’ve been watching you sleep for hours.”

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