Westboro Baptist hates f*gs, loves Twilight

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07.06.10 27 Comments


The Westboro Baptist Church is that lovable group of rogues known for protesting soldier funerals (society’s acceptance of gays causes dead soldiers or something, I forget exactly how their train of “logic” goes…) and anything that will get their signs photographed.  The guy on the right clearly decided that they were a prime target for a photobomb.

He was right, but more importantly, I noticed that the alpha f*g hater here seems to be a Twilight fan.  That’s an impressive endorsement for Stephenie Meyer.  These people hate everything. They’re the type of people who think Harry Potter contains some kind of satanic secret message and regularly protest soldier’s funerals.  Yet she rocks the vampire abstinence parable hoodie like it ain’t no thang.  God does not hate fangs, apparently.  Update your day planners.

[via LolGod – thanks, Fek]

SITE NEWS: Sorry for the late start today.  I got food poisoning and only just now started being up to sit upright without worrying about pooping myself, but I think I’m healthy enough to blog.  Though I’ll be writing without the aid of coffee for the next few, so that should be interesting.

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