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Due to the fact that there’s still no vacuous mouth-breather union, Carson Daly never has to worry about crossing any picket lines. But the fact that his show, Last Call With Carson Daly was the first late night talk show back on the air while the Writer’s Guild strike still halts all new film scripts and TV shows, apparently pissed some people off. 

During an interview with… Jerry Rice, a WGA member incognito in the audience heckled Daly, claiming he “needed a writer” to ask better questions.
…A clearly disconcerted Daly asked whether Rice would be willing to start the interview over again, which he was. After reintroducing Rice to the audience… Daly was horrified when another incognito writer stood up and loudly declared: “I feel so bad for the striking writers! Can I please leave?” The scribe also pointed out Daly’s use of cue cards and asked who was writing the show now. NBC security, still expelling the first troublemaker, instantly scrambled back into the studio, then hurriedly ejected three more WGA members from the audience.
…Daly, now visibly rattled, had no impromptu comment to offer the perplexed audience.
..After that, someone associated with the production took the stage to declare, “Anyone else interrupting the show will be prosecuted” and urged “any other striking writers” in the crowd to “leave now.” Over 20 people — though some sources say just 5 — scattered throughout the stands dutifully shuffled out. The audience gasped. Daly paled. Ironically, one member of this departing group had been given a prize moments earlier for being “such a great audience member.” The award was a gift certificate to El Pollo Loco. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Hey man, the only thing crazy about El Pollo Loco is the taste – it’s crazy good!  Frankly, the most surprising part of this story is that Carson Daly has a show. It must be really good – Johnny Carson sent people to Arby’s all the time, didn’t he?  El Pollo Loco is like Arby’s, but spicier. (Watch the official video of the WGA strike here)

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