05.02.08 10 years ago 33 Comments

After the jump, I’ve got the new full-length trailer for Handcock, Will Smith’s superhero movie that will make him another 800 jillion dollars. 

The plot is pretty much the opposite of Houseguest/Bringing Down the House/Hitch/The Man/Etc.  Instead of the black guy coming in and teaching whitey how to loosen up and win back his job, his girl, and his family; the white guy (Jason Bateman*) comes in and teaches the black guy how act phony sometimes so that he appears responsible. 

It’s pretty obvious race relations have come a long way in this country.  And once again, it’s all thanks to Will Smith.

*If I was Jason Bateman, I’d take the E out of my name.  How much cooler would he be if his name was Jason Batman!

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