What The Hell Is Going On In The Trailer For Lifetime’s Brittany Murphy Biopic?

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08.25.14 17 Comments

The actress pictured above is Amanda Fuller, and there’s a chance that you know her from her role as Dr. Morgan Peterson on Grey’s Anatomy or Kristin Baxter on ABC’s oh-so-clever resurrection of Tim Allen’s alpha male comedy, Last Man Standing. However, the folks at Lifetime are hoping that the whole world will come to know her as the star of The Brittany Murphy Story, which is a made-for-TV biopic about the very bizarre circumstances surrounding the actress’s tragic passing in 2009. Judging by that still from the movie and any picture ever taken of Murphy, this movie is going to require us to use our imaginations.

Lifetime has released the first trailer for The Brittany Murphy Story and it’s rife with awkward faux emotion that takes us from the early days of Murphy’s rise to fame on the set of Clueless all the way to her husband, Simon Monjack (Eric Petersen), accusing the media of killing his wife by mumbling, “You did” in a voice so comically sad that it could net him at least third place in a Droopy Dog impersonation contest. But the real kicker is the music, as the song that this trailer is set to slowly sneaks up on us, sounding like it’s truly a ballad of heartache and sorrow until we realize…

Because when we think real drama and gut-wrenching pain and emotional agony, we think Haddaway’s “What is Love.” The Brittany Murphy Story airs on Sunday, Sept. 6 at 8 PM ET.

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