12.04.08 9 years ago 50 Comments

After initially ordering a full season, NBC has decided to pull the plug on Knight Rider with four shows to go.  I blame the collapse of the auto industry.  Because there’s no way anyone with the right number of chromosomes could’ve possibly seen five seconds of that godawful show and decided people wanted more unless Ford was footing the bill.  The closest comparison for it I can think of is a bad infomercial, which isn’t quite fair. I’d much rather watch someone clean up grandma’s drool with a Sham-Wow than watch this tool act continually surprised.  This was so bad it made the David Hasshoff version look good.  It was so bad it made the product placement in Transformers seem tasteful.  It was… worse than Viva Laughlin.

Also: where the hell was this scene supposed to have taken place?  Did they not even bother to cover the f-cking black background of the stage? Makes sense, I guess. “Oops, a guy with a boom mike wandered into the shot on that last take.” “Meh, print it, it’s almost lunch.”

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