What’s Up, Ralph Macchio’s Daughter?

Senior Writer
07.17.13 30 Comments

Yesterday, as we all spazzed out over the news that Fast Times at Ridgemont High star Phoebe Cates was celebrating her 50th birthday, we apparently missed out on the fact that 52-year old Ralph Macchio had a special lady on his arm at Monday night’s screening of Girl Most Likely in New York City, and it wasn’t his wife. Actually, it was his 21-year old daughter, Julia Macchio, who has a small role in Kristen Wiig’s latest film.

I usually hate to be that guy who’s like, “Oh my God, I feel so old, someone make a listicle about 34 ways I know I’m 34!” but I have to admit that this makes me feel kind of old. Mainly because my first reaction upon seeing Julia’s dress wasn’t, “Hello cleavage!” like it would have been five years ago, but instead, “What kind of father lets his daughter out looking like that?”

(Answer from me 5 years ago: A father who appreciates his fans.)

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