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03.20.09 36 Comments

I Love You, Phillip Morris, a movie in which Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor play gay lovers, is having a hard time finding a distributor and might end up going straight to DVD.  Some people say the reason is that the explicit gay scenes are scaring off buyers.  Britain’s Times Online says:

Film industry insiders said the movie, which features a graphic sex scene and frequent references to gay sex, had fallen foul of anti-gay prejudice in America. Britain is one of only a handful of European countries where a deal has been secured to show the movie, which is due for cinema release this summer. The film is currently being re-edited in a last ditch attempt to find an American distributor. If it fails to do so, it will go straight to DVD.

You have to take that with a grain of salt because (1) they quote a nameless source and (2) seem to be congratulating themselves on not being homophobic like us backwoods Americans.  CHUD says:

The film, which is very funny and surprisingly touching, does feature explicit gay sex. Really, really explicit gay sex. Involving Jim Carrey. Cumming in a guy’s ass. Yeah, that explicit. [Okay, settle down, I doubt they showed the actual semen]
[Saying the gay scenes are the reason it’s not getting picked up] might be a little short-sighted; Phillip Morris has only played Sundance so far, where it got decent but not swooning reviews, and it’s not a cheap movie in indie terms. The film cost about 13 million, so I’m assuming the producers are asking for a [big] chunk of change.

I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know whether it’s worth seeing, and I don’t think people should be scared off solely because of gay scenes.  But I resent the idea that not wanting to watch gay love scenes = homophobic.  I have no bias against gay people and I’m willing to sit through gay stuff if the movie’s good, but two dudes kissing is still uncomfortable to watch.  There, I said it.  Look, I love my grandma too – not wanting to watch her blow a dude on camera doesn’t mean I’m prejudiced against grandmas.

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