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09.12.08 22 Comments

Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are was once one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated movies.  Then the release got bumped, and as of July, it had disappeared from WB’s release schedule altogether.  Forest Whitaker liked the original cut, but, long story short, the studio didn’t.  As of today, the studio has again set a firm release date.  In… October 2009.  Shit, man, I’ll be crapping my pants by then.  Maybe even by accident.

It seems the issues Warners execs were having with Jonze’s live-action take on the beloved story have been assuaged by a new cut the director delivered earlier this month. This new version, says one inside source, features Jonze’s re-shoots — specifically smaller scenes added to bolster the storyline between Max, played by newcomer Max Records, and the Wild Things. Now Jonze will work furiously to bring the Wild Things’ faces to life with CG animation, a task he’s confident he can complete by next October. [EW]

It scares me that some studio douches had veto power over something Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers, and Maurice Sendak all made and liked.  I mean, it doesn’t scare me like dwarves or little kids with speech impediments, but I’m wary.  But I haven’t heard anything about talking chihuahuas or the Jonas Brothers being added to this, so hopefully I won’t have to drag my assault rifle to the top of a water tower after all.

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