‘Where’s Waldo?’ Is Still Really Being Made

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11.08.11 8 Comments

I found him. He's behind the virgin.

Back in June of ’09, Vince pointed out that back in March of ’08 I made an absolutely hilarious* comment about “Where’s Waldo?” becoming a movie. So of course it didn’t surprise anyone when Universal and Illumination Entertainment stole my idea and paid seven figures to turn a series of books about a dork in a striped sweater getting lost at the beach into a live action film.

Well forget about those companies, because now MGM has the rights to Waldo and the studio that was in financial hell only one year ago is finally making this 24-year old character that has never had a plotline come to life.

Classic Media will produce the picture for MGM , with co-CEO Eric Ellenbogen and Hanford’s business partner Mike Gornall executive producing. “Waldo is the most searched-for character in the world,” said Ellenbogen in a statement. “With thanks to MGM, fans everywhere will find Waldo in movie theaters with his motion picture debut.”

(Via Slash Film)

Yeah, maybe now that Bin Laden is dead. But what the hell has Waldo done for me lately? All I’m saying is that this movie better not be two hours of us staring at a barber pole only to realize he’s hiding behind a little boy with a bunch of balloons. God I hated that book.

*My mommy said it was funny.

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