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10.22.07 19 Comments

George Clooney is leaving White Jazz, Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of James Ellroy’s novel.  With Clooney currently shooting Burn After Reading with the Coen brothers, trying to finish up Leatherheads, and doing press for Michael Clayton, the decision ostensibly had to do with scheduling.

A while back, I reported that Chris Pine chose JJ Abram’s Star Trek over this project.

Based on the James Ellroy novel, White Jazz is set in late 1950s Los Angeles, and follows a vice cop Dave Klein (who was to be played by Clooney), who senses he’s being set up by the police commissioner, he sets out to expose a decades-old network of corruption engineered by the LAPD. [/Fim]

Clooney probably thought, wait, I’m working on a movie that got dissed by the guy from Just My Luck?  Looky heah, see, Ol’ Clooney don’t take nobody’s leavin’s, savvy?  (It’s a little-known fact that George Clooney’s inner monologue talks like a 30s gangster) 

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