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Kim Basinger, who surely deserves a spot on the Hollywood Cougar Hall of Fame along with, say, Marisa Tomei, stars in this new red-band trailer for While She Was Out.  In it, she gets verbally abused by her husband who, sadly, never refers to her as a “rude little pig”. She then drives to the grocery store where she leaves a note on someone’s windshield, who, as it turns out, is a psycho killer who was just waiting for someone to send him over the edge.  Other things to watch for:

– ‘I’ve got a gun.  How’s about I aim it at your pussy first.”  1:23
– Multiple headshots.  1:33
– “Ain’t no gun can kill a spirit gone bad.” 2:10
– Beheading an Asian dude! 2:30

Jeez, first Stallone, then Eastwood, now Basinger.  I’m telling you dude, Asian is the new black.
[via UGO]

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