‘Whoop Dreams’ Is Now Available Online For Free

You all wished and prayed and hoped and screamed and wrote strongly-worded letters, and finally the day has come: Whoop Dreams is now available online for free. Directed and edited by Mike Eisenberg over at Tall Tale Productions, it tells the story of what happened when the crew of the FilmDrunk Frotcast had to make good on a promise we never thought we’d have to keep. “Hey, would you guys go to the Gathering of the Juggalos if we Kickstarted a documentary about it?” Ben asked.

“Ha, sure, Ben, of course,” we all said, patronizing him like we always do. Never guessing that just weeks later, the project would be fully funded and access to the Gathering secured. Reneging at that point would’ve violated numerous tenets of space law.

Months after that, we were stuck in an overcrowded RV together in some sticky rural hellhole in the middle of August, panicking like we were driving the Wienermobile through an Al Qaeda rally (I swear to you, arriving at Hog Rock Campground was legitimately terrifying). With this year’s Gathering in Ohio fast approaching, it’s a perfect opportunity to witness some of the things we did at Cave in Rock, Illinois’s final Gathering. In the months to come, Ben would get testicular cancer and go through three months of chemo, Mike would come down with meningitis, and Laremy would overcome a bout of Bell’s Palsy. I can’t confirm that this was all caused by the Gathering, but at the least it’s a mighty strange coincidence.

INTERNATIONAL READERS: If Hulu isn’t available for you, I’m told you can download a version here.

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