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02.09.10 23 Comments

Chris Nolan is rightfully considered a God among nerds for resurrecting the Batman franchise Joel Schumacher killed, burned, and pissed on.  Naturally, he’d be the first choice to handle any comic-book franchise.  And now…

EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros is trying to ready its DC Comics stalwart Superman to soar again on the Big Screen, and the studio has turned to Chris Nolan to mentor development of the movie. Our insiders say that the brains behind rebooted Batman has been asked to play a “godfather” role and ensure The Man Of Steel gets off the ground after a 3 1/2-year hiatus.

Let us emphasize that Superman 3.0 is in the early stages of development. And we doubt Nolan would direct. This wouldn’t be a sequel to Superman Returns but a completely fresh franchise.  [DHD]

If it pans out, this seems like the best thing they could possibly do with Superman.  Then again, that’s what I said about getting Bryan Singer to direct Superman Returns, and we all know how that turned out. GRRR, OVERCOMING KRYPTONITE WITH SHEER WILL POWER!

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