Why Is America The Best? We Get A Second Avengers After Credits Scene

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05.02.12 10 Comments

Because we can’t simply enjoy new movies anymore, the Internet is abuzz with not one, but two spoilers of Marvel’s The Avengers and the after-credits scenes that have become a trademark of the individual films leading up to this weekend’s glory. As for the first-after credit scene, I’m pissed that I read it, but I’m not brave enough to take on movie theaters this weekend, so I know it will be ruined for me within the next few days anyway. But since I am a man of the people, I will not ruin it for you. You can Google it and ruin it yourself, but I feel like I’m falling into a well of perverted innuendo.

However, there is also a second after-credits scene that has very little to do with actual plot, so we are obligated by film blogger code to at least say SPOILER ALERT!!! and link you to the picture that is blazing through the Interwebs right now. So if you’re against even having an inconsequential after-after-credits scene ever so slightly spoiled, then don’t look. But you’re going to….

Super spoiler after-after-credits scene image at Unleash the Fanboy, where you can read the specifics of the scene. As for the first after-credits scene, I’ve got some old comic books to dig up. *giggles with nerdish delight, runs away yelling, “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!”*

[Vince’s Note: I saw the first after-credits scene at my screening yesterday and I had no idea who it was supposed to be or what it was supposed to mean. You guys can all bump inhalers and snicker behind my back.]

(Dance party GIF via Gamma Squad.)

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