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05.07.08 14 Comments

UPDATE: I’m not posting this at the top of the page because Durden got to it before me.  But here it is in case you missed it. 

I assume that for many of you, The Dark Knight is a movie you actually want to see, so I respect your right to want to be surprised by not subjecting you to a giant spoiler-ass banner picture.  If you don’t want to see the full shot of Harvey Dent as Two-Face, feel free to continue enjoying the Quack Brothers and Professor Meow-Meow here.


(click on the thumbnail below to see the spoiler image)

I must say, well done again, Dark Knight.  They’ve turned a character that was sort of lame into pretty freaky looking villain.  He’s almost as scary as a little kid with a speech impediment. *jumps up on chair* Eeek, get it away from me!   [Source]

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