Wildhammer Fact Checker/Red Shirt Guy Gets Autotuned

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11.10.10 23 Comments

I was planning on posting our latest FilmDrunk mash up this afternoon, but we had some technical difficulties, so it’ll have to wait.  In the meantime, here’s “Red Shirt Guy“, he of the world’s nerdiest question at Blizzcon, getting the autotune treatment.  It goes without saying that this guy is one of my personal favorite human beings ever born, and the auto tune version does its best to create a fitting tribute.  It’s pretty good, but dare I say, the “NO, HE SURVIVED” part could’ve been more triumphant?  FALSTAD WILDHAMMER IS NOT DEAD! FALSTAD WILDHAMMER LIVES!  HE IS RISEN! HE SHALL LEAD AERIE PEAK, IN VANILLA WOW! THROUGH WRATH OF THE LICH KING! …LIKE A BOSS!

Well excuse me for wanting this news to be treated with a fitting crescendo.  …What?  Shut up. Whatever, why are YOU crying.

[via DailyWhat –thanks to everyone who sent this]

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