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03.22.10 20 Comments

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t planning on reporting this story until I saw these pictures of Rebecca Hall in that dress.  Then I made a pained expression and bit my fist, and my boner made a sound like an old-timey car horn.  True story.

Rebecca Hall (Vicki Christina Barcelona, The Prestige) has now joined the cast of the indie drama Everything Must Go. Variety reports that she will join Will Ferrell, who signed on to the film last year.  The movie is based on a short story by Raymond Carver and follows a relapsed alcoholic (Ferrell) who begins living on his lawn after he loses his job and wife. Hall will reportedly play a neighbor who is new to the neighborhood and forms a special connection with Ferrell’s character.  The movie is the feature directorial debut of Dan Rush, who has done mostly commercials, and it’s also his first screenplay. [Collider]

Vicky Cristina Barcelona would’ve been way better if Rebecca Hall could’ve replaced Javier Bardem in that threesome scene.  And also if they’d cut out all the blah blah yappity yappity.  But hey, I don’t want to get into another turgid discussion about urological imperatives.

So anyway, Rebecca… I heard you like alcoholics who sleep on the lawn.

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