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The New York Times recently announced the engagement of Jessie Fuller and Peyton “Buck” Rogers, who met on the set of the Will Ferrell comedy The Other Guys.   As you can see, Will Ferrell got to photobomb their wedding announcement photo.

Mr. Rodgers said he had noticed that Ms. Fuller did not look like “a hardened production assistant” and approached her out of curiosity. Ms. Fuller, who had been leaning on a brownstone at the end of a 15-hour day in frigid weather, thought Mr. Rodgers was about to admonish her for slouching on the job.

“He asked me if I had been a production assistant before,” Ms. Fuller said. “I immediately thought he was very handsome, that he had beautiful eyes. But still, I thought he was coming to yell at me because I was sitting and production assistants are not supposed to sit.”

That night, after filming had finished, Mr. Rodgers found Ms. Fuller again. During a brief conversation, she told him that her dream was to write and produce chick flicks. That dream included working with her favorite writer and director, Nancy Meyers, who was in New York shooting the film “It’s Complicated.”  In an instant, Mr. Rodgers called a friend on Ms. Meyers’s set, and arranged for Ms. Fuller to begin working there.

And then they got drunk and rubbed their sweaty genitals together and the rest is history.  Wanna hear another romantic production assistant story?  One time I was a production assistant on an infomercial about golf.  The crew had to shoot down on the golf course and every once in a while come back to the grip truck to fetch equipment.  My job was to stand next to the grip truck for the duration of the three-day shoot to make sure no one stole anything so they didn’t have to waste time locking and unlocking.  My friends call me the human padlock.

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