Will Ferrell plays baseball

05.10.10 9 years ago 9 Comments

Will Ferrell showed up to a AAA baseball game in Round Rock, Texas the other night in character as “Rojo” Johnson, a Texas-born, Venezuela-raised pitcher who recently did time for illegal lizard smuggling.

Ferrell was just promoting a charity golf tournament with a game-stopping skit in which he was called out to the mound only to be quickly ejected due to an altercation with the (real) umpire and a (fake) batter for the Nashville Sounds. [Cinematical]

You might point out that Ferrell’s beer-chugging, mustache-sporting, gold-chain wearing pitcher act is quite a bit like Kenny Powers, but I would counter that A. Will Ferrell is awesome.  B. Kenny Powers is awesome. C. Drinking beer is awesome. D. I’m awesome. E. Watching Will Ferrell goof around is way more awesome than watching baseball.   Also, when you’ve got a pitcher named “Rojo”, I feel like there’s a “Red Rocket” joke to be had.  That would be awesome.

In related news, I hear your mom’s been pitching for the Crack Rock Express.  Ha, just kidding.  She catches. (*high fives frat bros*)

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