Will Ferrell sings Español in 'Yo No Se.'

Will Ferrell plays Armando Alvarez in Casa De Mi Padre, a film almost entirely in Spanish, and about as close as it gets to a perfect concept. To promote the soundtrack, which just released a track listing (with the title track sung by Christina Aguilera), Funny or Die is hosting the video for “Yo No Se,” in which Ferrell, Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite (Efren Ramirez), and a fat guy who kind of looks like Horatio Sanz (Adrian Martinez), sing about not knowing why the moon rises or why the blue flower grows (“Why does the blue flower grow?” “Yo no se.”). When you think about it, it’s sort of like the Mexploitation version of ICP’s “Miracles,” which was itself sort of like a violent clown rap version of “What a Wonderful World.”

That’s why it’s better to be a musician than a scientist. Instead of trying to find out why stuff happens, you can just get stoned and sing about how awesome it is that you don’t know, and chicks will like you twice as much for it. I think chicks like musicians so much because deep down, there’s still a part of them that thinks music is magic. No matter how sophisticated they get, they still love few things as much as music and shiny things. Girls are like little gollums when you think about it.

“Casa De Mi Padre” Soundtrack Tracklist

1. Casa De Mi Padre (Christina Aguilera)
2. Raul Drugs (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
3. Whiter Shade (El Puma)
4. Fuzzorama (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
5. Wedding Massacre (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
6. Ask For Marry Permission (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
7. Hermano (Tom Farrell)
8. Lala (Kara Nau & John Nau)
9. Fight for Love (Will Ferrell & Genesis Rodriguez)
10. Yo No Se (Will Ferrell, Efren Ramirez and Adrian Martinez feat. Mitch Manker)
11. Car Burn (Mayan Ghost Choir)
12. Trip Out (!Hebrochachos!)
13. Sonia Pool (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
14. Luv Butts (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau feat. Mitch Manker)
15. Staredown (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
16. Dad Dies (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau)
17. Shellshock (The Bromigos)
18. Chubby Duckling (Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau feat. The Professor)
19. Del Cielo (Cecilia Noel)
20. Raul Dies (Mayan Ghost Choir) [via ThePlaylist]

Casa De Mi Padre opens March 16th. Most recent trailer here.