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12.16.08 22 Comments

Not long ago, I brought you news that Will Ferrell would be playing George W. Bush on Broadway next month in a one-man show called You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W Bush. It opens January 20th, inauguration day, with plans to run from Feb 1 to March 15 at the Cort Theater.  As you can see, today we have promo video.  Partial transcript:

Change is necessary.  Without change, we’d all wear the same clothes every day, and only watch the movie Tango and Cash. So I’m leavin the white house to go tear Dallas a new party hole.  But don’t worry, the Tiger Woods guy is taking over, and he seems to know stuff.

Will Ferrell is still one of the best comedic actors around and Dubya is one of his better impressions.  But keep in mind, this video was less than two minutes long.  I’ve seen student-run plays that ran two and a half hours plus (and you better believe someone deserved to get knifed afterwards).  So the question is, what are Ferrell and McKay gonna do for the other 90 or so minutes of this?  I’m not saying I won’t pay to find out, but you better believe I’m gonna get really, really stoned first.

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